Sunday, 8 May 2011

Evaluation 4: Youtube presentation

Evaluation 3: Audience feedback

What have you learned from your audience feedback?

Before starting the practical elements of film making, I made a questionnaire with questions in reference to who the person was and what films they enjoy and why. The female’s answers were much more detailed and had a much clearer and popular genre, it is then we decided to make a film for young women.

After collecting enough footage, we showed some people in our class roughly what we would be showing. Our subject audience gave us much more positive feedback as it was clear they were more likely to enjoy it. However they did make comments on our shots showing our main character measuring her waist, they told us there was no visible change our main characters weight, we then went on to film shots of our character making her waist as slim as possible.
We were confident about opur product through the final stages of filming. It was when we got to our editing that we asked our class mates again what they thought. We had tried to create a colour balance similar to that of 'Picture Me' to make it seem gloomier, however the audience told us it did not look natural so we were able to recognise this and reduce the effect.
After creating our trailer we then showed it to many people, all of which gave us positive feedback, however the constructive feedback consisted of the trailer being too short and the font being too simple. We added the Postbox scene to extend our trailer to just over a minute, we felt this was still too short for a trailer but our audience told us they thought that the short length of the trailer porved effective, and that they didnt feel like they had missed out on any information therefore encouraging them to want to watch the whole film proving that our trailer was successful.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

technology used.

Premier Pro
Google (images)
Word document
My webcam
Photo shop
School computer
Home computer

Evaluation 2: Prezi

Evaluation 1 Voki