Monday, 21 March 2011

Poster Drafts

In our poster we want to show a model (not particularly our character) dressed as if she were a model in a familiar model-like pose, we also want to add a symbol to represent the negative meaning of our film.

An symbol that we feel is appropriate for our poster is the tape measure, we already knew we were going to use a few shots of the tape measure in the film but it is also good for the poster depending on how we present it.

To show the negative affects of the tape measures meaning, my idea was that the tape measure be strangerling the model we tried this:

We felt this conveyed a more horror genre and was therefore not right for our film. With these photos we also know how we want our model to be presented, we feel this didnt show she was a model so we will try more poses next time and make her more unaware.We now feel the tape measure around the waste is much more appropriate and is also being used in our film.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Film Website research

We have been inspired by the clear and simple style of this website.