Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Gym Sequence.

Before 6th form i went to QE school and from experience i knew that their gym was perfect for our gym scene as it had a tred mill facing a mirror with a TV screen that played music videos that could fit into a full length shot. i contracted the lesisure center to ask for permission and it was granted.

The person who i emailed took us to a gym upstairs which was not the original gym i was thinking of for my idea, i had to ask if we could use the gym but he told us we may have complications because the children went in there for their lessons sometimes. Considering we only needed half an hours worth of filming, we still used this gym.

it had changed slightly to when i had seen it last so it was a little more complicated as a large piece of equiptment was in the way of the shot i wanted, however we managed to work around it and it helped that the gym was almost empty.

We did a series of shots, one was a medium long shot showing our actress running on the tredmill in front of the mirrors and  with the TV screen in view. another shot was a close upof her feet running on the tredmill. Another was an over the shoulder shot which proved affective with the mirror in front of her however our actress was slightly insecure about her appearance.

These are all shots we have kept in our 10 second edit, we also did a full lenth shot showing all of Yaz running on the tredmill but the angle was set too low.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Cast photo's

Our main character had to be relatively slim as we wanted the audience to disagree with her choice to lose weight, as there would be less of a point. Also because it would be easier to make a person appear larger rather than slimmer than what they are. The fact she is blonde also adds to the stereotype of the blonde model.

The character for the mother was pretty straight forward. We just wanted her to look warm and motherly. The fact she is also blonde helps the characters look like they are related also.

We wanted the character of the boyfriend to appear older because he would be getting a job at the same time as Cindy going through her modelling trouble.