Tuesday, 18 January 2011

title development.

An appropriate title is important to a film but especially for a trailer as it is another element that draws people into seeing the film.
As our film is about modelling i want there to be a key word that gives that away but i would like it to as creative and interesting as possible.
The obvious choice would be 'skin deep' but i felt that this gave away a more horror genre.
Now that i have a strong idea for a poster/teaser poster, it helps me the the title more, my idea that showing a tape measure around the main characters neck does not show too much horror but shows negative imagery as our film is negative.
i have also come up with a tag line that can be shown on our poster: 'How do you measure your career?'

here are some key words that will help develop our film title:

tape measure
make up

Saturday, 15 January 2011


i find it hard to convey the shots and angles we are going to use through drawings but here is a rough idea of the shots that we will use.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Parts of the plot that will be featured in the trailer.

An 18 year old girl called Cindy has been influenced by magazines and music videos to become a model. She becomes inspired by a certain photographer and model and starts looking up modelling agencies on the internet to start her modelling career. She finds a website that requires a portfolio of photos so she asks her long term boyfriend to take the pictures for her. He knows how hard it is to get into a modelling industry but is supportive enough to take the pictures; he doesn’t quite take her seriously but likes the novelty of having a model as a girlfriend.
The pictures are sent off to the agency she waits anxiously for 3 weeks before she eventually gets a reply saying she is not the right build and the agency’s models are a size 6 or lower, this affects her confidence but she is determined and starts to diet and go to the gym. From a size 12 she gets down to a size 10 in a month, she gives up through frustration and decides that food is the problem so starts to eat less and less. Her family notice and confront her, when she tells them they don’t support her and they tell her to concentrate on something more productive because modelling is unhealthy and won’t give her a future. She refuses to give up on her dream and looks to the internet for more answers.
Cindy comes across an online chat service and meets a girl who tells her she has recently got into an agency and is working as a model. The main girl is in awe of the chat girl and asks for advice, the chat girl tells her that stopping eating is difficult and vomiting is easier and just as fast. Cindy doesn’t like this idea but as she has stopped dieting and is having to eat normally in front of her parents it has been harder for her to lose weight. She starts being sick after meals and she notices she has gone down to a size 8 in less than a month. However, this affects her mood and her boyfriend notices their relationship suffering as she keeps more secrets from him and chooses to exercise rather than meet up with him. He goes round to her house without her knowing and is let into her room, he sees her magazines all around the room and then notices a log she has kept showing how many calories she may have digested during the day and the amount of hours she is been exercising. He confronts her and she shouts at him telling him to keep out of her business, he tells her he is worried about her and that she has to stop and he won’t let her carry on. He convinces her to start eating again. The main girl confides in her online friend telling her she cannot lose weight because of the people around her. The girl tells her that the other option is cocaine and gives her details of a dealer in her area. It takes a couple of days before she makes the decision to go buy some cocaine she meets the dealer and nervously tells him why she is buying it he replies telling her she is really attractive and will definitely make it, this encourages her further to reach her modelling career. She holds off using the drug for a long time as she knows it is wrong but is torn between her passion for modelling and what is the best thing to do. She makes a line of the drug on her desk and goes to snort it the camera focuses on surrounded by pictures of her friends and boyfriend.
Her boyfriend is then seen reading an email saying he has been offered a job in London; he is excited but concerned for his girlfriend it then cuts to her weighing herself and looking at herself in the mirror sucking in her stomach. She then has an email from an agency arranging a meeting to have some practise shots in London she is very excited. Both boyfriend and girlfriend travel to London together however the girl tells her boyfriend she will be shopping while the boyfriend has told her he will be meeting up with some old friends. It then double screens to the boyfriend shaking a mans hand for his meeting and the girl meeting the photographer it then shows the boyfriend sitting down at a desk and the girl standing in front of a backdrop. Fades to blackout still split screen shows the boyfriend leaving smiling and the girl leaving looking worried and upset.
They both meet in the car and hardly speak to each other. Blackout. Girl is seen on the floor of her room crying with an envelope from the agency on the floor in front of her. Her boyfriend walks in also with an envelope in his hand and smiling. He sees her crying on the floor and runs to her he asks what is wrong but she says nothing, he takes the envelope off the floor and opens it, she grabs it shocking her boyfriend who then starts to fight for the envelope there is a struggle and he manages to open the envelope and see the photos inside, he is shocked and destroyed at the nude images of her obviously looking uncomfortable. He tells her she has gone too far and that he was worried to tell her he had got a job in London and he was moving away but that her decision had made his a lot easier, he storms out the room and the girl is left to cry on the floor.
 The main girl to talk to her online friend and continues to take cocaine and get skinnier. Her parents notice but her relationship with them is ruined she no longer listens to them and shuts herself in her room. She is a little more cautious about other agency’s but she is getting more offers than ever and now sees her 1st shoot as experience her attitude has changed and she becomes numb. She is seen going to another photo shoot involving other people her dressing room consists of two other women who hardly to talk each other, she goes over to talk thinking because they are modelling they have something in common, they look her up and down laugh and ignore her. So the girl goes to the toilets and snorts more cocaine showing she has become reliant on cocaine for her emotions also. The shoot is about girls in their pyjamas having a pillow fight due to her unsuccessful attempt to talk to the girls she finds it hard to act as if she knows them and is having fun, she is thrown off the photo shoot which makes her extremely angry she goes back to her room rips up all her magazines but stops at one from her favourite photographer.
She is seen having many pictures taken but none are successful she realises that there is more to modelling than being skinny there is technique as well she starts taking more cocaine and losing more weight. She turns up to a photo shoot looking tired and ill she is taken to make up and the woman tells her she looks awful the girl snaps at her and the woman refuses to do her make up telling her she will never get anywhere with such a bad attitude. The girl does her own make up and goes in for the shoot he tells her she looks fabulous and takes the photos enthusiastically telling her she is exactly what they wanted.  After shaking hands with the photographer she leaves happy, a week after the photos are printed in magazines and on billboards as the girl who is in need of mental help new makeup and products and even one showing her as a woman suffering from a sexual disease reading ‘if you could see aids would you still take her home?’. She is horrified to see the pictures everywhere her parents throw her out of the house and she is left to live on the streets.

We wanted to add most of the plot to our trailer because there are many parts that are important and exciting that would interest people into coming to watch the whole film therefore achieving the trailers purpose. However adding all the exciting parts of the film into the trailer would'nt work as then there would be nothing that would shock the audience in the film.
We have also hightlighted parts that we feel we could show with interesting editing and shots, for example showing the girl losing weight would be difficult as the actress wouldn't actually be losing weight, so we thought we could show a tape measure changing in units on different womens stomachs that are of different size.

We liked our use of showing someone using the internet on our last film that we wanted to use that technique again, so when showing the conversations with the girl in a chat room we will be using the same software to show that.

We want to show in our trailer that our film involves drugs because it will help the audience know the genre of the film, so it is obvious that our film is rated 15 and not suitable for anybody younger than that age, so the trailer would only be seen after the watershed and in the cinema where a film of the same rating is being shown. We also plan to show the lines of coke being snorted but obviously we can't make the actress snort anyhting so it would be heavily disguised but obvious that there is drug use taking place.

We are also keen to show a split screen on a few points i think this is an affective editing technique to show things happening at the same time that are similar, so the opening of letters and reading of emails are shown as the same but are contrasting each other.

We will also be experimenting with interesting shots, an example of this are showing food being hidden in a napkin under the table, along with a lot of close ups of different parts of the body.

An element i personally have been interested in experimenting with is the speed of which the railer will run and how many times it will change, so far through looking at our notes it seems it will be a relatively slow trailer with a lot of flashes to make it seem faster. Parts where there are struggles and arguments will be shown quickly as well as drug use, so where the most action is involved the quicker the scene will be.