Wednesday, 17 November 2010

trailer ideas.

i have been looking at mutliple trailers to help me decide on what techniques i will use, but mostly to help me decide on the pace of my trailer. here are examples of trailers i have been researching.

i used The Social Network trailer because it is of similar genre and i was interested as to how they used pace and edtiting in there trailer because unlike Harry Potter which is a genre of fantasy, The social Network can't excite the audience through special effects, so it is up to editing to make the film look exciting. i found that through pace it started very slow and was fast when there was action such as fighting and arguing.

Slumdog millionaire involves more action and also much like the film, switches tense which is interesting and something we would be interested in and able to do.

Much like The Social Network, Shutter Island rather than using a voice over the trailer consists of quotes from the film, this interests me because it is creative and another way of interesting people to see it as they are seeing what is originally in the film.

i am also interested in the fact that these trailers do not show all there shots in order that they appear in the film, i would probably be likely to put things in order but by mixing the scenes up the audience isnt given away too much. i will take into consideration that trailers don't have to be in a particular order.

Friday, 5 November 2010

film poster design 1

our 1st design for our poster is simple and shows only 1 side 2 the womans silhouette. this shows that there is not a complete image to modelling and you never see the deatils just the body. i would like to extend this poster by adding a negative side to the silhouette or changing the white light to red. we are currently under going this transition.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

A change in direction.

Looking at the narrative of our film, we realised there were too many elements to be able to squash into a 5 minute film. After much deliberation we couldn't decide what to drop out of the film to make it shorter because we felt all elements were important. Therefore we decided rather than do a short film, we should do a trailor consisting of all the elements we thought would make the film good.

We will now be re-planning how we will come about creating our short film into a trailer.