Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Production name.

We thought our production name was not as important as the rest of our work so we have used the same name as last years, as not to lose concentration on our film. Second Life Productions.
so we will be using the same animation for our film.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


My mood board shows the faces and bodies of models, both the smaller sized and the larger sized. there are also clippings from aritcles and adverts, 'everyone deserves the celebirty treatment' this was from an advertisment for plastic surgery showing a model including quotes from her saying 'im finally happy with my boobs' this was significant because our idea is supposed to show how modelling isn't what it appears to be and adverts like this are to persuade someone to change there bodies if there not happy, but the picture itself is made to make someone think 'my body dosent look like that' and want to change.Another quote i have included is 'from model to homeless addict' this is the point we're making in our film and the story involved helps us know more about the effects of modelling and gives us a story to base it on.i also found another article about women who are all different sizes and women with scars and abnormalitys working as models or wanting to go into the business. The title reads 'sexy has no size limit' this is the message we are aiming to produce at the end of our film.