Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Research for short film.

As a girl, women in the media has always been an influence as it is always been around but you don't tend to notice it unless you really look closely. i am already aware of the techniques used in advertising but not fully aware of the transformation involved with the graphic side.

after looking at before and after shots of the effects air brushing has on pictures, it was shocking to see how much is edited and then thinking about the effects that will have young girls and women looking at these women and being told they are perfect when it isnt real.

Start of A2

i have decided to do a short film based on the effects modelling can have on the women involved and the women who see the pictures of women in the media.

i want my film to give out the message that beauty isnt everything, and that modelling isnt the glamourous life style everyone says it is.

the 5 minute film will be a documentary/drama showing the life models lead but also the life of one model character in particular.